Oiler Group


Our mission

We want the Oiler to always be a modern, economically stable entity that responds efficiently to external signals. Therefore, we always operate with respect for the environment, as well as in accordance with the law and the rules of economics. We also value our relations with our employees and partners.

Our core values are:

We think about the future.

Making use of the experience and knowledge of all our employees, we develop well-thought-out plans and implement them consistently. As a result, we are able to use our resources rationally and survive any crisis. Moreover, carefully examining our customers’ feedback allows us to expand our offer, while continuously improving and streamlining our procedures, processes and infrastructure.

We think about our employees.

We want our team to be happy to work for Oiler. Our goal is for every employee to be proud of their work and their company.

We think about society.

We want Oiler to always be provide useful work to society. With over 30 years of experience in handling waste responsibly, we can easily cooperate with state authorities in an open and transparent fashion and are happy to share our knowledge with others.

We think about our Customers.

Our Customers are treated as partners. We complete our work on time and in accordance with our contracts, while ensuring transparent communication. We remove not only waste, but also any problems related to waste management, as we organise this process in its entirety — from helping with BDO and SENT (PUESC) systems to efficiently delivering containers and collecting waste. Thanks to our work, our Customers can enjoy more time and peace of mind.