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Our approach to industrial waste management is holistic. The Oiler Organizacja Odzysku organisation takes on companies’ statutory recycling obligation, while Waster and Oiler Sp. z o.o. collect waste throughout Poland. We then recover raw materials from waste at the Oiler Recycling plant. The entire process is overseen by our parent company, Oiler SA.

What we do

We specialise in waste disposal and transport, as well as the processing and recovery of raw materials. Additionally, the Oiler Organizacja Odzysku organisation takes on the statutory obligation to recover secondary raw materials, imposed on manufacturers and importers of packaging, batteries, tyres and lubricating oil. Our own plant enables us to recover usable secondary raw materials from the collected waste.

This way, we put the closed-cycle concept into practice. We also invest in renewable energy sources and pursue our goals sustainably.

Dbamy, żeby Grupa Oiler:

Our core values are:


We believe that pursuing sustainability is not only the most important pillar for successful companies, but also their duty. We are proud to be able to protect the planet alongside our customers, while providing the best possible working conditions for our team.

We go to great lengths to meet the needs of our staff, because we believe that employee satisfaction is crucial to the development of any business. Through our work, we directly contribute to the preservation of the environment, which has always been our priority.