Oiler Group



We believe that pursuing sustainability is not only the most important pillar for successful companies, but also their duty. We are proud to be able to protect the planet alongside our customers, while providing the best possible working conditions for our team.

We go to great lengths to meet the needs of our staff, because we believe that employee satisfaction is crucial to the development of any business. Through our work, we directly contribute to the preservation of the environment, which has always been our priority.

The environment

Responsible consumption of raw materials and sustainable production are our fundamentals.

At our recycling plant, used oils and lubricants are refined, which decreases the amount of new oil entering the market. Solid waste is recycled to reduce the use of new raw materials and increase the availability of alternative fuels. Contaminated water is chemically treated so that it can safely enter wastewater treatment plants. Hazardous waste is disposed of so that it no longer poses a threat to the soil and water.

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, our company is powered by solar energy. We are also planning to build a solar and wind power plant, capable of generating an amount of electricity far exceeding our needs.

We strictly adhere to the requirements of Polish and EU law in everything we do, as evidenced by our integrated waste treatment permit, as well as our ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 certified quality and environmental management system.

Employee satisfaction

We want our employees to always feel valued. We make sure that working for Oiler is safe, comfortable and financially beneficial, as well as providing development opportunities.

Employee satisfaction is key, so we always strive to find advantageous solutions, especially in terms of working hours’ flexibility, childcare, and in case of health problems. We also organise workshops and finance further education for our employees, so they can learn new skills and obtain university degrees.

At our company, any employee, regardless of their post, can propose changes for the better and share problems or suggestions with their superiors, including the CEO, whose door is always open — both figuratively and literally.

When the pandemic broke out, we put the safety of our team first. Where possible, employees carry out their duties remotely. We also require employees to present a negative test for COVID-19 before returning to stationary work after a period of quarantine or isolation.

We are happy and proud that our team appreciate these efforts and choose to work for our company long-term.